Husky Zipper Pouch

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To help Singapore Specials, Senti X Furiwinkle will be pledging 15% of sales towards Exclusively Mongrels.

A Senti's inspired zipper fabric pouches come in standard size - L15cm x H13cm x B5cm to fit nicely into your totes, handbags and glove boxes.

Most suitable size to carry must-haves like hand-sanitizer, coins, snacks, make-up essentials, power-banks, headphones etc.

Well crafted with fully lined in high quality fabric for durability. 

Let Senti's in-house printed zipper pouch carry your deepest thoughts and wishes to your loved ones.

Fabric Care
Gentle washing with mild detergent in cool water is recommended, especially for initial wash. Do expect moderate shrinkage for all cotton fabric.