Fur in my Cuppa Vinyl Decal

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Vinyl can be applied to almost any smooth surface such as a vehicle window, door, hood, bumper, flat mirror, use it as home decor, or on the go with a laptop or water bottle.

Available in 3 sizes and 15 colours.

3 inch Height by 3.2 inch Width

4 inch Height By 4.2 Inch Width

5 inch Height By 5.3 inch Width

Includes Transfer Tape and Alcohol wipe for Application.


Application Instructions

1. Please clean the area before application using alcohol wipes.

2. There is a layer of gridded transfer tape on top of your vinyl decal to help you place the decal perfectly. Firmly rub a credit card or squeegee tool against the length of your sticker to ensure the vinyl sticks to the transfer tape. Firm adhesion prevents air bubbles.

3. Slowly peel off the white backing paper, leaving the vinyl on the transfer tape. If it sticks, go back with the squeegee again. Sometimes rubbing the backside of the backing paper as well can assist in transferring the vinyl.

4. Now that you are holding the clear transfer tape with your vinyl decal attached, carefully position your vinyl decal on the application area.

5. When you are certain of the placement of the decal, use the same credit card or squeegee tool with firm pressure to place the sticker on the surface. Take the time to ensure your decal is fixed in place before completely peeling the clear transfer tape off revealing your design.

Vinyl Decals are removable, leaving close to no residue. Once removed, decals won't be reusable.